October 12 - Not a single DNF this week.

White Rabbit Racer nabbed 548 of the 558 points. And in third & Islandstream Racing scored 543.

September 27 - The rain really made it interesting at the end.

525 points were available to be won but no team came close. This week's best were Blackfriar Racing with 488, and Inky F1 & bear f1 with 478.

September 16 - There are some interesting discussions going on about the two top drivers in the championship coming together.

Out of a possible 540 points, HoneyBadgers grabbed the most with 505. Next were Fleurby's Racers and Go Greased Lightning with 437. They both got the biggest jump, up 12 spots.

September 10 - It was nice to see the Zandvoort circuit back again!

Audiquatro grabbed 573 of th 583 possible points. Next were Mitch Lackie with 568 and rosie-bear, Arachnid Racing & Boxmoor Racing all got 563.

August 29 - I'm not even sure what to say about this race.

August 4 - We waited a while to see what happened with Vettel's classification. Since he is currently listed as disqualified we dropped him to the bottom but we still awarded points for each lap completed.

RiSE Motorsport scored 639 out of a possible 695, while RilluRalli Racing nabbed 628 and Haisuli Racing took home 551. RilluRalli Racing made a huge jump this week, up 28 spots!

July 18 -There is a lot of controversy about the penalty Hamilton received. Glad Verstappen is okay.

Uncle al's picked up all of the 549 points available this week. Whiskey Racing snagged 539 and MikeYESfan Racing, FN's High Flyers, Team taffy and WosDT all got 534.

Squid, Happyhourhub.co.uk, 21st Amendment Racing, Nanu Racing have all moved up into first place.

July 4 - This was the 50th podium for Max Verstappen.

Rustysteel came out on top this week with 623 out of a possible 628 points. Right behind were Bright & Brooke Jacobs, both with 608. Rustysteel used the points to get the biggest jump.

Team Webber, BoomerDoomer & SnaptooRC just took over first place from Malcolm Elston.

June 27 - It was 2013 the last time Mercedes didn't win in four consecutive races.

Islandstream Racing nabbed all 627 points, while Malcolm Elston holds on to first place overall with 622. Hibbspeed also scored 622.

Islandstream Racing and Bright made the biggest jump, up 12 spots.

June 20 - This is ony the 10th F1 race where there were no DNFs. There were also no red flags, yellow flags or VSCs.

With 539 points up for grabs Blackfriar Racing snagged 514, Rustysteel got 513 and Mitch Lackie got 509.

Rustysteel and Malcolm Elston had the biggest jump, up 14 spots. Malcolm used the points to leap into first place overall.

June 6 - Sergio Perez managed a great race to finish first in Baku. Max Verstappen had bad luck after leading but suffering a puncture. Lewis was set for the podium but lost it, possibly with overheated brakes.

Eleven players got 560 out of a possible 580 points. Only one team has Ricciardo, the top pick in Group 1!

May 23 - Charles Leclerc continues his streak of not finishing his home race. This caused havoc for the players that had him on their team. 76% of League players chose Leclerc this week, up from 72% last race. That meant there were lots of gains and losses in the total points and leaderboard standings.

Team Webber, BoomerDoomer and SnaptooRC have all moved into first place overall, up 13 spots. Wcoaster and Maranello Mayhem got the biggest jump, however, up 27 spots overall. Sawyer Racing had the best score this week with 648 points out of a possible 674.

An interesting note: I noticed today that no one, not a single player, has chosen Bottas for their team. For the entire season so far. I don't think I've ever seen that in all the years the League has been running.

May 9 - Hamilton recorded his fifth successive victory at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya today.

RoboTaxiIceCreamDriver and Team Mystery Machine both claimed the maximum 572 points. They shared the biggest jump, up 14 spots. Right behind were Rosie-bear, Arachnid Racing and Boxmoor Racing with 567.

May 2 - A large number of players had a near-perfect team, but only And in Third got it perfect for 573 points.

April 18 - What an interesting race. Fun to watch.

MikeYESfan Racing and WosDT both got the full 600 points available. Next was Inky F1 with 590. The biggest jump was Only Gay Eskimo, up 16 to 18th. The biggest drop was Brooke Jacobs, DOWN 28 to 37th.

March 28 - So glad to be back! Nice to see some battles on the track for the first race of the season.

MikeYESfan Racing got all of the 560 points available this week. Hhibbspeed scored 555 and Schezzer Garage got 554.

December 13 - Congratulations to Fleurby's Racers for winning the 2020 season! Coming back from fourth place last week to first overall with 9408 points. Second place was WosDT with 9350, and then a tie for third with 9312: Team Lorenzo, Bright & Ollie's Trolleys.

Thanks for playing this year and we look forward to having you join us again in 2021!

Mitch & Brooke

December 6, 2020 - What a day of ups and downs for Mercedes.

We've had a record high this year for the number of possible points available. 785 were up for grabs. That's because a driver from each of the Groups 2-5 were in the top 4 spots; allowing a real distribution of points across the league.

Thirlwell Racers had the perfect team and scooped up all 785. NigelsSkidMarks, hibbspeed and mlagadms were next with 765.

November 29, 2020 - So happy to see that Grojean is going to be okay.

Four players got all of the 605 points available this week. They were Fleurby's Racers, WosDT, MikeYESfan Racing and Arachnid Racing. Fleurby's Racers used them to move to first overall!

November 15, 2020 - More records for Lewis Hamilton. 7 World Driver Championships with a crazy race this weekend.

Yoyo Racing earned all of the 604 points available. Mitch Lackie took home 594, and these palyers got 584: Hibbspeed, mlagadms and RASJAS Racing. mlagadms jumped the most, up by 8 spots to 13th.

November 5, 2020 - Rosie-bear and Boxmoor Racing shared the top points with 575 out of a possible 600. They used the points to get the biggest jump up the leaderboard.Blurrr was next up with 563.

October 25, 2020 - And a new Formula 1 record is created! 92 wins and counting for Lewis Hamilton.

RASJAS Racing scooped up 591 of the 596 points this week. RiSE Motorsport, Spin2Win and FN's High Flyers all got 581.

By the way, Gasly is second in Group 2 and only one player has him!

October 12, 2020 - Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for the record this weekend.

Fleurby's Racers now has sole ownership of first place. Up 5 points over four other players. The top scorers this week were R&R Racing with 570, and LSLCF & uncle al's with 550.

September 27, 2020 - Well done, Bottas! Interestingly, Bottas, Hamilton & Verstappen all scored the same number of points in the League this week. And once again, Gasly led his group, but only one player has him.

12 players got 509 points this week out of a possible 534. Check the Standings page to see the list. You can sort the columns as you see fit. White Rabbit Racing had the biggest jump, up 11 spots.

September 13, 2020 - There hadn't been a red flag since 2017 and now we've had three in the last two races.

Go Greased Lightning took home the most points this week with 605 of a possible 610. Red Dog Racing and Arachnid Racing both scored 570. Only three players have Russell! Rustysteel goined 14 places this week.

September 6, 2020 - After so many people complaining about boring races, here's one that was interesting. Congratulations to Pierre Gasly today!

With 585 points available this week, only two players came close. Inky F1 & Team Webber both scored 580, and RiSE Motorsport & Spin2Win got 575. Spin2Win jumped up 17 spots to 21st.

August 30, 2020 - Another dominating one-two for Mercedes.

Three players had the perfect team this week, scoring the full 545 points. They were Fleurby's Racers, WosDT and Brooke Jacobs. Springsyde had the biggest jump, up 7 spots.

August 16, 2020 - Not the most exciting race this week, but Spain rarely is.

Bear f1 grabbed all of the 621 points this week. Right behind were mlagadms with 611 and Yoyo Racing scoring 616. Yoyo Racing was also the biggest jump, up 14 spots.

August 13, 2020 - Thanks to Hibbspeed Racing and RASJAS Racing & Schezzer Garage for pointing out a mistake. According to our rules, if a driver is replaced that driver gets the points earned by the replacement. Perez gets Hulkenberg's points this week. The points and standings have been updated.

August 10, 2020 - Congrats to Max on his win this weekend!

Malcolm Elston had the top score this week with 514 out of a possible 540 points. He used it to get the biggest jump; up 16 to 15th overall. Right behind were BoomerDoomer and WosDT with 504. WosDT has moved up into first place!

August 2, 2020 - Silverstone sure was brutal on the soft tires.

585 points were available this week, but the closest anyone could get was 580. WosDT and BoomerDoomer took the honours. These players all got 570: FN's High Flyers, 21st Amendment Racing, Team jim, Team taffy, MikeYESfan Racing, 420 racing, happyhourhub.co.uk and Awesome Weirdo's Mom. Blurrr got the biggest boost this week, up 13 spots to 36th.

Only one player has Gasly on their team right now. Too bad, because he was the top in Group 2!

July 29, 2020 - Thanks to Action Index for pointing out a discrepancy with the classification of the Haas drivers. The web site that we grabbed the results from was not accurate. Things have been re-scored as both drivers moved down a spot in the results.

July 19, 2020 - Lewis Hamilton has now taken the lead from Bottas in Group 1.

Yoyo Racing scored the most points this week with 632 out of a possible 638. Next were R&R Racing and ZERO Racing with 627. Yoyo Racing used the points to get the biggest jump, up 25 spots to 26th overall.

July 13, 2020 - Thanks to Spin2Win for pointing out an error on the stats page. It's fixed now.

July 12, 2020 - Congratulations to Lewis for his win today. Ferrari really messed up...

649 points were up for grabs this week. Go Greased Lightning scored 633, while rustysteel and
uncle nigel the great both got 598. uncle nigel the great had the biggest jump, up 32 spots to 12th.

July 5, 2020 - We're back to racing! We're so happy to be back and to have you join us.

No player had the perfect team, but Bear F1 & Springsyde both took home 660 points this week.