June 11 - This was probably the most interesting race in a while, and I, Brooke, was there to see it in person. We got wet but had a great time.

KurtsKarts grabbed all 660 points this week, while Team Webber took 655. Mikeyesfan Racing and FN's High Flyers both scored 630.

May 27 - The top ten finished in the position they started. Just sayin'.

Mitch Lackie topped the charts this week with 657 out of a possible 677. BMS scored 656 and RiSE Motorsport took home 652. BMS had the bigest jump this week, up 13 spots.

May 19 - That was the closest finish in a while.

Hibbspeed and Arachnid Racing scored all of the 628 points. All with 618 were Mikeyesfan Racing, FastButNotFurious, Ollie's Trolleys, Sawyer Racing, BoomerDoomer, Schezzer Garage, Freenjoy F1 Racing, RocketRob, mlagadms and East Midland Racing.

May 6 - Congratulations to Lando Norris on his first F1 win!

Here's an interesting statistic: All of the 8 drivers in groups 1 & 2 were in the top 9 places in today's race.

Ten players all tied for the best score this week with 555 out of 570 points. They were Mikeyesfan Racing, FastButNotFurious, Ollie's Trolleys, Sawyer Racing, BoomerDoomer, Schezzer Garage, Freenjoy F1 Racing, Arachnid Racing, mlagadms & East Midland Racing.

SGB F1 had the biggest jump, up 10 spots to 24th.

April 22 - Many people have things to say about Stroll's shunt this week.

Five players tied for the best score of 545 out of 555 this week: And in first, 21st Amendment Racing, Scooby racers, RocketRob and Death Blow.

Arachnid Racing had the biggest leap this week, up 12 spots to 29th.

April 8 - Riccardo has dropped from first place in Group 4 to last since the start of the season.

Wcoaster was the only player to score all of the 538 points this week. Lots of 2nds with 533: Mikeyesfan Racing, FastButNotFurious, Ollie's Trolleys, Sawyer Racing, BoomerDoomer, mlagadms and Schezzer Garage.

Schezzer Garage and Wcoaster jumped up 12 and 13 spots respectively.

March 24 - Congratulations to Carlos Sainz for his win in Australia!

No one came close to scoring all of the 600 points this week. NigelsSkidMarks got 539, while
BlondesKnowBest took 498 and SN's Also Rans scored 489.

March 9 - The news of the day seems to be Oliver Bearman sitting in for Carlos Sainz!

All of the 555 points available were scored by And in First, 21st Amendment Racing, and Scooby Racers. They've all jumped up to the top of the scoreboard.

We think we've solved the Gmail problem. If you continue to have issues please check your spam folder or let us know.

March 2 - So glad to be back!

First of all, it's important to let you know that we are having trouble communicating with gmail addresses. Notes sent out by us personally are getting through. However, because of gmail's new security settings, automated e-mails being sent from the site are not being delivered. That means people are having problems signing up and receiving trade confirmation messages. We are working with our providers to fix the situation.

If you are having any sort of problem with the website please e-mail us directly at race16@fantasyautoracers.com and we can process any trades manually.

As for today's race: It looks like Max has performed exactly as most people predicted!

LSLCF, Schezzer Garage and Team Jim all had perfect scores of 548 points. Well chosen!

Right behind were BMS, Hibbspeed and Max Verpassen with 543.

November 26

RocketRob is the 2023 champion!

With a total of 11,060 points, RocketRob came out out on top over Wcoaster with 10,909 and Springsyde with 10,868.

Looking forward to seeing you next season!

Brooke & Mitch

November 20 - After a shaky start, the Las Vegas race turned out to be exciting.

Uncle Nigel The Great got 545 out of the 550 points available. Lucky strike Racing took 535, while Team Jim & hibbspeed scored 530.

November 6 - Charles just can't get a break.

Max Verpassen scored 654 out of 659 points. BMS 644 grabbed and 21st Amendment Racing, Schezzer Garage and LSLCF took 638. Schezzer Garage had the big jump of 9 spots to 13th.

October 29 - A record-breaking 16th win for Max!

Spin2Win scored 645 of the 650 points up for grabs this week, and had the biggest jump of 10 spots. Wcoaster got 630 and MikeYESfan Racing & Mitch Lackie each took home 625.

October 24 - Two DSQs for plank violations!

With a total possible point stash of 580, no player got them all. happyhourhub.co.uk got 554, BehindTheLadiesLads took 519 and Sawyer Racing brought home 494.

October 9 - It seems like the FIA is going to do something about driver safety following this week's race.

Lucky Strike Racing got most of the points available this week with 605 of a possible 615. RocketRob was next with 595 and Team Jim grabbed 585.

September 24 - RocketRob pointed out, correctly, that we awarded Lance Stroll points for last week's race in Singapore. A little spreadsheet goof caused it and has been corrected. They also pointed out that some of the laps completed looked incorrect. Some outlets have reported that Bottas, for example, completed 55 laps. However the Formula 1 website, as well as the FIA website show 51 laps for Bottas. Since the replay of the race on F1TV didn't show the laps completed, we're going with the FIA/F1 information.

For this week, RocketRob moved into first place overall!

Lucky strike Racing scored 560 of a possible 580 points,while MikeYESfan Racing and Mitch Lackie took 555.

September 17 - The Red Bull win streak is over.

FN's High Flyers got all but 15 of the 615 points available this week and also jumped up 10 spots overall. CursiveFuries scored 565 and Pink Princess racing grabbed 549.

September 4 - What a shame for Tsunoda. It's been a while since we've seen a DNS.

Uncle Nigel The Great nabbed 495 of the 545 possible points this week. Rilluralli Racing took 479 and Blackfriar Racing got 474, using the points to get the biggest jump this week.

August 27 - Once again, the official FIA website is incorrect. The results page for Netherlands shows the results for Belgium.

Only Wcoaster scored the most possible of 685 points this week. And in first, Wallslammer and
Brooke Jacobs were next up with 650. G.R.S. and happyhourhub.co.uk had the biggest jump of 9 spots on the leaderboard.

July 31 - What?! Another broken trophy?

SGB F1 scored 460 points of the 480 available. Team Webber & BMS both scored 455. SGB F1 used the points to get the biggest jump this week, up 7 spots overall.

July 25 - No player got all of the 643 points this week. Uncle Nigel The Great scored 613, while Loosers & Sawyer Racing both took 603.

July 11 - Two brits on the podium at the British GP.

Go Greased Lightning was the top scorer this week with 545 out of a possible 580. Loosers &
Sawyer Racing brough home 535.

July 6 - Scoring has be recalculated because of an error in Albon's total laps.

July 3 - After lots of shuffling of the final order we now have official results.

Team Jim topped the sheet this week with 603 out of a possible 618 points. RiSE Motorsport scored 588 and Hibbspeed got 578. RiSE Motorsport also had the biggest jump, up 11 spots. Springsyde has now taken the lead overall from RocketRob with 4902 points vs. 4897.

June 20 - We almost got burned by the FIA website this week. For some reason the site has Miami's qualifying results for the Canadian race: https://www.fia.com/events/fia-formula-one-world-championship/season-2023/canadian-grand-prix/qualifying-classification
I don't even know how we'd contact them to let them know. It's a good thing the results were so far off because it might not have been obvious.

And in first was the big points-taker this week with all of the 650 available. Next were Loosers with 645 and Uncle Nigel The Great at 630.

June 5 - No DNFs again this week. That's the 14th time in F1 history.

Out of 609 points to be had, 574 is the most any player got. Springsyde, 21st Amendment Racing, Donkey Man & LSLCF all scored that.

According to the League stats, Alons has been ranked highest in group 3 for the whole season. Yet, only 48% of teams have him in their roster.

May 28 - Rain late in the race didn't stop Max from taking another win.

RocketRob holds on to first place in the league by nabbing all of the 688 points available, along with And in first. And in third was next with 678. Lucky Strike Racing moved up the most this week: 21 spots to 27th.

May 9 - Thanks to RocketRob for pointing out an error in the scoring for Miami. The site has been updated with the correct information.

May 8 - This is the only the 13th race in F1 without a single DNF.

Out of 540 points, two teams scored 520: 21st Amendment Racing & LSLCF. Right behind were RocketRob & Loosers with 506.

April 30 - A near miss for Ocon in the pits today.

Uncle Nigel The Great & mlagadms both scored 530 of a possible 540. LSLCF was next with 520 this week. Team Jim & Hibbspeed both jumped up 14 spots overall to 28th.

April 2 - A crazy race for so many reasons.

Four players got the perfect team this week. That hasn't happened in a very long time! RocketRob, 420 racing, Schezzer Garage, and Team Lorenzo all scored 615 points.

March 19 - Congratulations to Red Bull's Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen for their 1-2 finish.

FastButNotFurious & BoomerDoomer both scroed 485 of a possible 515 points, and Wcoaster &
Arachnid Racing were right behind with 475.

CursiveFuries had the biggest jump of 18 spots to 31st overall.

March 5 - Bahrain really showed what Red Bull could do this year.

Sawyer Racing picked the best team to start the season off, scoring 539 out of a possible 565 points. ChittyChittyBangBang was right behind with 538.

February 26 - Welcome back to the F1 fun!

Congratulations to Team Jim for winning Mitch & Brooke's 2023 series - holding on to the top spot for the last three races with a final score of 10,765 points, just 125 points ahead of Schezzer Garage.

It's been an exciting season for us at the Fantasy League. We'd like to thank you all once again for playing in our 25th season. We look forward to seeing you again next spring!

November 14 - Congratulations to George Russel for hist first F1 win!

With only one race left it looks like the top two players are to battle it out. Team Jim has 10765 points, 115 more than Schezzer Garage.

No one took all of the 655 points this week but Starlight was on top with 610. Mitch Lackie got 605, and Boxmoor Racing & Fluffies-forever scored 600.

October 31 - Max now has the record for most wins in a season.

happyhourhub.co.uk took 592 of the 602 points up for grabs and also had the biggest jump - up 7 spots. Team Jim grabbed 587 while Slowpokes and Brooke Jacobs got 582.

October 23 - Red Bull gets its first constructors’ title since 2013.

Seven players got the perfect team for 580 points! ChittyChittyBangBang, Climatecrisis, Ollie's Trolleys, Sawyer Racing, Bright, mlagadms & RocketRob.

October 9 - Congratulations to Max Verstappen for his championship win!

Arachnid Racing got all of the 450 points this week. Slowpokes was next with 440 and ChittyChittyBangBan, Climatecrisis, Ollie's Trolley, Sawyer Racing, Bright, mlagadms and RocketRob all right behind with 435.

October 6 - Verstappen could take it next weekend.

Team Taffy took home 555 of the 570 points available. BoomerDoomer, There was a gap,
Team Mystery Machine & KurtsKarts all nabbed 555.

September 11 - Finishing under yellow gave Max the win.

544 points were possible this week, but Springsyde was the best performer with 518. After that were Rat Poison Racing at 508 and Uncle Al's with 503. Rat Poison Racing used the points to get the biggest jump - up 10 spots overall.

September 5 - Max is now in the top 10 of Most Laps Led with 1,636.

Schezzer Garage, who is currently in first place in the league, score the most points this week with 635 out of a possible 650. BMS and Red Dog Racing were right behind with 630.

August 28 - Welcome back from the break!

Many people thought Max would have no trouble coming up the field and they were right. Lewis' troubles came right from the beginning, unfortunately for him.

With 535 points available the best any player could do was 510, earned by BMS. Next were Team Jim with 500, while FN's Also Rans & Red Dog Racing scored 495.

Mlagadms jumped up 13 spots this week to 35th overall.

August 2 - Ferrari continues to get its strategy wrong.

Pitcrew 592 got the most this week, but only scored 592 out of a possible 612 points. It was enough to get the biggest jump: up 11 spots to 19th. Slowpokes and Mitch Lackie both were right behind with 582.

July 25 - What a shame; three retirements from the lead for Charles Leclerc.

Boxmoor Racing was on top with 505 out of a possible 535 points. Mitch Lackie was second with 494 while Nanu Racing, happyhourhub.co.uk, & Fleurby's Racers all took 485.

July 12 - 668 points were up for grabs. Rilluralli Racing scored 637, while Schezzer Garage got 632 and BoomerDoome, hibbspeed, There was a gap & Team Mystery Machine took 627.

July 5 - Congrats to Carlos Sainz on his first F1 win!

Boxmoor Racing scored 550 points out of a possible 575. Next were ChittyChittyBangBang,
Climatecrisis & Wcoaster all with 525. ChittyChittyBangBang and Climatecrisis both jumped up 20 spots to 14th overall!

June 19 - Mitch & Brooke's home race!

Slowpokes was the best player this week with 625 points out of a possible 645. Next was Red Dog Racing with 620 and Team Jim scored 605.

June 14 - Poor Charles who qualifies well but doesn't score well.

BMS grabbed 554 out of 564 points, while happyhourhub.co.uk and Fleurby's Racers got 529. Whiskey Racing jumped up 18 spots this week to second overall!

May 29 - A rain-soaked start gave us the Monaco GP this week. Charles managed to finish, but only in fourth place.

Mitch Lackie was the only player with 4 of the 5 top drivers and took the best score this week with 539 out of a possible 579. Next were Audiquatro with 529 and And in third scoring 524.

May 22 - With Charles' retirement Max now has first place in the championship.

598 points were up for grabs this week. Nanu Racing scored 573 while Whiskey Racing got 572. FN's Also Rans took 561 and also got the biggest jump: up 15 spots.

May 9 - And in Third scored 580 out of the maximum 585 points, jumping up 11 spots to 26th. Springsyde got 575 and Red Dog Racing took home 565.

April 24 - Six players tied for the best score this week with 625 points out of a possible 635. They were Spin2Win, RocketRob, Max Verpassen, Mikeyesfan Racing, CMRSC Rahul & SGB F1. BMS got the biggest jump, up 17 spots.

April 10 - Charles extends his lead with a second win this season.

Blindfaith scored the most this week with 545 out of a possible 560 points. FN's High Flyers nabbed 534 and Team Mystery Machine got 535. Blindfaith used the points to jump up 31 spots to 10th overall.

March 28 - Vettel is still gone, Hamilton is still having troubles and Leclerc is still leading the championship.

Bright scored 515 of the 525 possible points. Goon Racing Squad got 509 and Uncle Nigel the great took 500. Goon Racing Squad jumped up 37 spots to 11th overall.

March 21- We're so glad to be back for our 25th season! It was a very revealing race to start the season.

620 points were on the table this week and Inky F1 nabbed 610 of them. FN's High Flyers and Freenjoy F1 Racing both got 590.

December 12 - Congratulations to Only Gay Eskimo for winning this year's Fantasy League! Ever since the race in Belgium they have been in first place and no other player could catch up. With no trades and a team of Hamilton, Sainz, Leclerc, Vettel and Tsunoda, No Gay Eskimo took it all with 11,189 points, 111 points ahead of these players in second: Squid, Happyhourhub.co.uk, 21st Amendment Racing and Nanu Racing.

We hope we made the season a little bit more enjoyable for you. Thanks for playing and we're looking forward to having you back next season!

Mitch & Brooke