No cost to join, no money or prizes to be won. The only real thing at stake here is your ego.

Each player picks a team consisting of five drivers (one from each of the five groups listed on the SELECTION PAGE).

At the end of each race, driver points will be awarded based on finish position:

1 80
2 75
3 70
4 65
5 60
6 55
7 50
8 45
9 40
10 35
11 30
12 25
13 20
14 15
15 10
16 5

Each driver will receive one additional point for each lap completed.

Bonus points will be awarded to the top three qualifying position drivers. FIFTEEN points to the pole position driver, TEN points to the second fastest qualifying driver and FIVE point to the third fastest qualifying driver.

During the season you may make up to EIGHT driver changes to your team. Changes MUST be made for another driver within that driver’s group.

Any of your unused driver changes are worth TWENTY points each to your team total.

In the case of a driver being replaced by his team with another driver (for injury or other reason) drivers will be automatically substituted with the replacement. Even if the selections page is listed incorrectly teams will be scored appropriately. These replacements will not count as a season trade.

Prior to the trade deadline for your first event, you may make unlimited changes to your team without any penalty.

All entries and changes should be done through the automated SELECTION PAGE. Any other related communication should be sent to us at Confirmation of all trades and changes will be sent out by e-mail, however we will not be responsible for any trades or changes that are lost in the mail or do not arrive to us before the deadline.

Remember, all changes must be received by two hours before the start of each race for it to count towards that race. 

The RESULTS and STANDINGS will be put up on this web site as soon as possible following each event.

In the event of any unusual circumstances, rules may have to be modified. If any such changes are made, notification will be sent out by e-mail to all participants as well as being noted on the UPDATES page.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us at

Have fun and good luck!